What is Homeschool x Karate?

Homeschool x Karate  by Karate Fitness Manila is a multi-method, highly-technical, online guided study of Shotokan Karate designed to equip you with the correct fundamental skills vital to building a deep, powerful understanding of and appreciation for this practical, life-saving art - practiced in the safety of your home.

With over 300+ highly-detailed modules across 10 learning levels, Homeschool x Karate intensively tutors you in everything from technique to practical applications and strategy to insights on Karate traditions. It's a deep dive into Karate study. The coursework is designed to prepare you to fully benefit from the Karate growth paths.

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It works for both kids and adults, schedules are customizable, and instruction is individualized - so you get the personalized attention and meticulous guidance you deserve. Likewise, lesson sets make great gifts for loved ones! 

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We bring training to you - online, nationwide. Our program is flexible and can be experienced in three (3) ways : Online (available now),  In-Person (available after pandemic),  and Blended Learning (available after pandemic). Skills learned are the same across all formats - more about this [ HERE ]


C O U R S E    D E S C R I P T I O N: 

Level 1 Lessons will give you a working verbal, visual, and tactile language from which to build other skills on. It's like learning the shape and form of each alphabet - and the right way to write it.

Difficulty Level : for Everyone

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Level 2 Lessons  will build on the skills gained in Level 1 and begin to strengthen that foundation. More skills will be introduced, including methods to condition your body to the increasing demands of Karate training. The pace is faster. The lessons, more challenging. 

Difficulty Level : for Everyone

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Level 3 Lessons will build from Levels 1 and 2 and forge more skills on top of those  foundations. More topics will be introduced, including compound techniques, mobility exercises, and conditioning. Expect even more challenging, exciting training. 

Difficulty Level : for Everyone / Intermediate

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Level 4 Lessons will build on your Level 1 to 3 skills; emphasizing combination techniques, awareness of multiple directions, mobility, and strength development. Complete the coursework then gain the option to test and earn an equivalency international rank and certification  from  the Japan Karate Association (JKA). Pass the test process and acquire the world's most-sought after Karate credential, recognized in over 100 countries and territories

Difficulty Level : Intermediate

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Level 5 to 10 Lessons : accomplish the coursework for Level 1 to 4, pass the evaluations, and gain access to Levels 5 through 10.