What is KFM Online?

KarateFitnessManila Online is a structured, highly technical study of Shotokan Karate designed to equip you with the correct fundamental skills vital to building a deep, powerful understanding of and appreciation for this practical, life-saving art.

Course Description: 

Level 1 will help you establish a working verbal, visual, and tactile language on which to build further skills on. It's like learning the shape, form, and look of each the alphabet - including the correct way to write it.

Difficulty Level : for everyone

Level 2 will build on the understanding developed in Level 1 and begin to reinforce that foundation into habits and reactions . More skills will be introduced, including methods to help your body adapt to the growing physical demands of Karate training. It's like being quized on the alphabet. The pace is faster, the lessons a little harder.

Difficulty Level : for everyone

Level 3 to 10