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Our team aims to employ the mindset and methods of Karate, its discipline of movement, and its exacting standards as a vehicle for both physical and character development.

Karate Fitness Manila is prefected by the following individuals:

///// Jiggs Baarde
Web Infrastructure and Social Media Pointman
Marketing Director
Ecom entrepreneur and survivalist. Former karateka. Loves mountaineering and anything out of the ordinary. Jiggs dedicates himself to ensuring that all our digital touchpoints feature content that is timely, relevant, and valuable - to you.

IG @jiggsbaarde


///// Bong Abella, MD
Consulting Physician
Medical Director
Practicing surgeon, personally invested in his own fitness and sports activities, Dr. Bong helps review all training programs to ensure the safety of the KFM community.

IG @docbongster


///// Rhea Madrid
Resident Instructor
Instruction and Education Department

University of Santo Tomas-educated engineer. Dedicated, personable, professional. Rhea has spent a good part of her early years in high-level competition, eventually earning national titles. A karateka (practitioner of Karate) with more than two (2) decades of competitive and training experience. Rhea is a vital member of the technical and instruction team. 



 ///// Ian Jereos
Resident Chief Instructor
Technical Director
Karate Fitness Manila at the UFC Gym Philippines
Part time entrepreneur,  full time Karate Education professional. A technician through and through, Ian has accumulated a wealth of experience competing and winning globally - fronting the national colors. Now on a mission to propagate Karate, he brings with him more than three (3) decades worth of practical insight on the practice and teaching of this beautiful, practical, and lifesaving art.

IG @jkaphilippines


We look forward to seeing you in class. In the interim, we'll leave you with some food for thought about what's in store courtesy of  Mr. Gichin Funakoshi - Shotokan Karate's founder, to wit: "The ultimate aim of karate lies not in victory nor defeat, but in the perfection of the character of its participants."


Jiggs Baarde
Marketing Director