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Every group with a plan to contribute positively in the growth of its community needs to have a team. We aim to develop character and form values that strive for continuous improvement (kaizen) through the way of Karate.

In order to communicate and connect to our community of parents and members, we have organized a pioneer team that puts the interest of the community above everything else.

Meet the team.


Ian Jereos
Technical Director
Chief Instructor
Karate Fitness Manila at the UFC Gym Philippines
Part time entrepreneur. Full time Karate Education professional. Rich experience competing and winning around the globe since starting at a young age. Now on a mission to propagate Karate. Starting as a child in the art, he has more than three (3) decades of experience in the art and sport, including passing on skills, knowledge, and values.
IG @jkaphilippines


Mario Sebastian
Assistant Instructor
Head of Federation Affairs
Karate Fitness Manila at the UFC Gym Philippines
Tree farmer, entrepreneur with a passion for nature, woodworking and all things Karate. A Karateka with more than three (3) decades experience having spent years at national team duty. A student and teacher of the art, an artist and martial artist. In charge of business, corporate and federation affairs.


IG @sempai_mario 


Jiggs Baarde
Website Editor and Social Media Pointman
Ecom entrepreneur and survivalist. Former Karateka. Loves mountaineering and anything out of the ordinary. My Job at Karate Fitness Manila is to ensure valuable content and updates are delivered to you on a timely manner in all relevant digital touchpoints.


IG @jiggsbaarde

Bong Abella, MD
Consulting Physician
Cosmetic surgeon by focus with more than a decade of practice in the medical profession. Personally invested in his own fitness and sports activities, he keeps the KFM community at a low injury risk by reviewing all training programs and exercises as consulting physician.


IG @docbongster



As we look forward to seeing you in the Dojo, allow me to leave you with food for thought from the founder of Shotokan Karate, Gichin Funakoshi:

The ultimate aim of karate lies not in victory nor defeat, but in the perfection of the character of its participants.



Ian Jereos
Technical Director
Chief Instructor