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Homeschool x Karate by Karate Fitness Manila is a multi-method, highly-technical, online guided study of Shotokan Karate designed to equip you with the correct fundamental skills vital to building a deep, powerful understanding of and appreciation for this practical, life-saving art - right in the safety of your home.

It works for both kids and adults.

Schedules are customizable  according to your availability; instruction is individualizedso you get the personalized attention and meticulous guidance you deserve.

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Featuring over 300+  highly detailed step-by-step follow-along episodes - all on-demand 24 hours a day - spread over 10 learning levels; Homeschool x Karate will tutor you in everything from correct technique to practical application.From strategy to insights on Karate culture. It's a deep dive into Karate study. Combined with UNLIMITED 1-on-1 coaching, you get detailed feedback, get your progress tracked, and receive tailored support for best results!


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