GIFT CERTIFICATE Homeschool x Karate - One(1) Month

Give the Gift of Self-Protection

It's a  great gift to keep your loved ones safe, wherever they are. It works for both kids and adults!

Homeschool x Karate by Karate Fitness Manila is a deep dive into Shotokan Karate study. Integrating both live instruction and recorded media - it is designed to equip you with the correct fundamental skills vital to building a deep, powerful understanding of and appreciation for this practical, life-saving art - done from the safety of your home.


Customizable Schedules - works with your schedule and availability.
Individualized Instruction - so you get the personalized attention and meticulous guidance you deserve.
Small Space Compatible - lessons have been modified to work within small spaces. 
Detailed & Technical - will tutor you on everything from correct technique to practical applications.  From strategy to insights on martial culture. It's a deep dive into Karate study.

Available On-Demand 24/7 - access over 300+ highly-detailed step-by-step follow-along technical video guides anytime, anywhere. Supplement this with the live coaching feature.
UNLIMITED Live Coaching - Get unlimited live 1-on-1 coaching! That means detailed feedback, progress tracking, and tailored support for best results!


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  • This Gift Certificate gives your giftee access to our exclusive lesson library, real-time online coaching, class support, and a development program made just for them.
  • Learn about the online class program [ HERE ]
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  • Valid for thirty-one (31) days after first use/activation.
  • We'll email this Virtual Gift Certificate to your giftee within 24 hours of purchase and guide them how to use it. We will ask for the name and email address of your giftee via messenger.

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